HughesNet Download Manager

HughesNet Download Manager 1.2

A download manager aimed at HughesNet subscribers that can schedule downloads

HughesNet Download Manager (HDM) is a download manager that allows you to schedule different downloads. HughesNet is a satellite Internet provider. Its subscribers can take advantage of the Hughes Download Zone (2 a.m.-7 a.m. Eastern time), an interval of time when they can freely make downloads without affecting the download threshold associated with their service plan.

Downloads can be scheduled at a certain time during the day, on certain days, at certain intervals of time or depending on an event (e.g. "when no active downloads"). Outside the Hughes Download Zone interval, users will be suggested to schedule a download instead of using the "download now" option.
Files that are smaller than 10MB will be managed by the browser you are using, the larger ones being managed by HDM. However, this default option can be customized and the users themselves can set the size of a file that can trigger HDM to schedule a download. Users must not expect the manager to be able to download videos from sites that do not offer download links.

The application works for users that are not HughesNet subscribers too, given that they could also be interested in certain downloads being performed at a certain time.
Mainly, an application for HughesNet subscribers, it offers the advantage of scheduling downloads to be performed during the Hughes Download Zone.

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